WinCo healthy Foods: Best 20 Items

WinCo healthy Foods are some of the cheapest and healthiest items you can get at a grocery store.

It is cheaper than most grocery stores because it is not a chain, which means WinCo foods are not as noticeable to people who may be looking for deals on food.

WinCo is also a very large company, which means it has great bulk purchase discounts because it buys in large bulk. WinCo is a very big company with stores in 18 states, giving the company a lot of muscle to get the best deals.


Is WinCo Cheaper Than Most Grocery Stores?

Yes. WinCo is cheaper than most grocery stores but not as cheap as a warehouse club store like Costco. This is because WinCo has greater sales volume and a better distribution network, meaning it can get more deals with certain suppliers and pass the savings on to its members. This keeps prices lower while still paying the suppliers fair prices.

Why Is WinCo Food So Cheap?

Winco buys in so much bulk that it can often buy less of an item than competitors. It also buys in large sizes, which means competing chains cannot compete because they do not buy enough of the item to make a difference.

WinCo also does not have national exposure, so it does not have national brands, which can be significantly more expensive than premium brand products.

WinCo healthy Foods
WinCo healthy Foods

WinCo healthy Foods: Best 20 Items

The following list is the best twenty items to get at WinCo to keep your diet healthy and cheap. These are in no particular order because it depends on your tastes and how much you like each item. Also, keep in mind that some items are seasonal and may not be available year-round.

#1: Frozen Vegetable Blends

In my opinion, these are a steal! They sell for just $1.28 each, and some of these bags have 2 servings of vegetables! Even if one serving doesn’t suit you, it’s better than no serving.

So buy 3 bags and heat them up in the microwave with some cheese on top if you’re still hungry since they are so much cheaper than frozen dinners or pre-made food.

#2: Natural Peanut Butter

Regular peanut butter can have added oils and sugars; this kind of peanut butter is just normal. It is great for eating with apple slices or in oatmeal, or even on top of cereal.

#3: Collard Greens

These are cheap and delicious; if you steam them up, they are delicious! I especially love to eat them with a little bit of cheese on top, but they’re also good with some natural peanut butter drizzled on top.

#4: Red Beans & Rice

This is the only item from this list that I don’t use to make a dish, but I just like it straight for its price and taste. It is just 2 beans for $1, and it doesn’t have much in it, but the beans are still good and hearty.

#5: Long Grain Rice

Great for adding to a soup or as a side dish. This is one of my favorites because it’s cheap and tasty.

#6: Pineapple Juice

Another great juice that you can’t get at your grocery store. I think this one is great to add fruit flavor to a meal or even drink plain if you want something sweet in your diet.

#7: Unsweetened Tea

This is a great one to pick up because it can last you a while, depending on how much you drink.

#8: Baby Carrots

You can get these in bags of 20 for $1.28. You can add these to your dish without having a ton of carrots mixed in with the other stuff, but sometimes I just like them by themselves. They are just so good!

#9: Banana Chips

Pretty cheap chips are great for dipping into salsa or some other dip or eating plain. It’s a great snack for a kid or for yourself.

#10: Honey Mustard Dressing

I usually mix this with the peanut butter to make a sandwich. They are pretty cheap, and the honey mustard dressing is good with the peanut butter as well. Peanut butter can also be used on top of other foods to add flavor.

#11: Instant Oatmeal

Just $2.19 for 1 serving, and sometimes you can get it with some fruit as well, which equals only almost $3 an oatmeal! I really like this product because it is quick, inexpensive, and nutritious.

#12: Soft Tortilla Chips

I usually have a few of these in the freezer at all times. I love to dip them into salsa or any kind of dip, and I like to use them for making taco salads and other fun-filled meals.

#13: Fancy Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

This is one of my favorite things to make on weekdays with the peanut butter, jelly, and a little bit of sugar-free jelly for some sweetening. These are actually pretty good for breakfast because you don’t have to eat carbs all day long!

#14: Cream Corn

You can get this in bags of 8 for $1.28. They are great for making soups and also for just eating by themselves.

#15: Frozen Chuck Roast

This is the perfect meat for a soup, and it’s usually cheaper than the item at your local grocery store. I usually get 2 bags at WinCo, which is $7.12, but at my local grocery store, these bags were over $10 each! I love WinCo!

#16: BBQ Pulled Pork

This is great to throw into a soup, or if you’re hungry, you can eat it by itself.

#17: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is great for any meal, and I enjoy using it when making rice. You can also use this to drizzle over salads or vegetables.

#18: Organic Vegetable Chips

I love these chips because they are healthy and taste just like normal chips, but they are much cheaper. They are great to snack on with some salsa or jelly or dip in some hummus.

#19: Ground Turkey

It’s great for making your own tacos, soup, or sandwiches, and it’s a lot healthier than ground beef or chicken.

#20: Organic Frozen Vegetable Blend

Tomatoes and cucumbers are perfect for a salad, and these bags make the salad even more healthy. They come together in the salad, so you’re not wasting all that food.

The Bottom Line

WinCo foods are much cheaper than Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Target stores. They have to make money somewhere because they operate so much differently than those stores.

Overall, WinCo foods are a great alternative to other grocery stores because they are cheap, yet healthy, and the prices definitely work out to be cheaper than most other grocery stores. I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post! Thanks for reading!

Please comment below if you have any questions about my experience with WinCo or anything regarding my blog posts!

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