Top 10 Reasons Why Salads Make Me Poop

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top 10 reasons why salads make me poop and what causes them.

We all know salads are good for you. But have you ever noticed that after eating them, sometimes you also need to poop? It is such a common phenomenon that it has its own name: salad poop.

It happens to me every time I eat salads. You can’t stop it, and neither can you avoid it. So why do salads make me poop?


Why Do I Poop Right After Eating?

You might wonder why I poop right after eating. It’s because of the fiber in the salad. Fiber is indigestible and can’t be absorbed by our body, so our body doesn’t absorb any nutrients from it.

Because of this, our body will treat it as waste and try to eliminate it as soon as possible, which causes me to poop after dinner or lunch every time I eat salad.

But enough about my poops; let’s move on to the other reasons why salads make me poop…

Top 10 Reasons Why Salads Make Me Poop

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are many reasons why salads make me poop. But below are the top 10 reasons, which are listed according to their frequency:

#1: Sour Salad

Sour salad is a no-no when you have a constipation problem. When you mix sour and sweet, it can cause your stomach to loosen and make you poo.

So, if you want to eat salads while having some problems with your digestive system, avoid making them sour so that they don’t upset your intestines.

#2: Fatty Salad

Salads that contain too many fats can cause my body not to know what to do with them, and it will decide that they need elimination. This is why fatty salads are a no-no for me.

#3: Leafy Salad

Vegetables that still have leaves on them can be very toxic for your body. This is why leafy salads are not good for someone with a constipation problem (or those who eat too many greens daily). Try to avoid eating leafy vegetables when you have intestinal problems.

#4: Salty Salad

If you’re like me and love eating salads, you already know what I’m talking about here: salty salad or any other salad that contains salt as its main ingredient. Salts can irritate the lining of your colon and cause your bowels to move less than they should.

Why Salads Make Me Poop
Why Salads Make Me Poop

#5: Unripe Salad

Ripe or unripened fruits and vegetables can be bad for you. We often eat fruits after they are fully ripened, but if we don’t finish eating them before the ripe time has passed, eating unripened fruits can bring about many problems for our body.

Then, you will feel a lot of gas in your stomach so much that you will have to go poop right after that. Believe me, I’ve experienced it, and I’m still traumatized.

#6: Raw Salad

Eating a salad with raw vegetables like tomatoes is especially bad if you have a constipation problem. Raw tomatoes contain an acidic component that can affect your digestive system and cause the bowels to move more than normal.

#7: Raw Salad Dressing

You might say, “I don’t eat raw salad dressing!” But if you do, you’re doing it wrong. Like what I said above, raw salad dressing is pretty much forbidden in my case because it makes me poop every time.

So next time when you order a salad and ask for extra dressing on top, just ask for it on the side instead so that you won’t have to deal with extra poops after lunch or dinner.

#8: Fried Salad

Since I have a constipation problem, I can’t really eat too much-fried stuff. Fried stuff is one of the main causes why salads make me poop. So, if you have the same condition as me, make sure to avoid fried salad and salad with mayonnaise.

#9: Spicy Salad

Did you know that hot peppers are one of the causes why salads make you poop? That’s right; hot peppers can cause your stomach to loosen so much that you will be vomiting and pooping from the spicy food in your stomach. I know, what a coincidence!

#10: Salty Salad Dressing

And finally, the last cause of why salads make me poop is the salad dressing. That’s right. Salad dressing can contain too much salt that it can irritate your bowels and make you poo more than you should.

Adding only a small quantity of salt into any salad dressing is recommended because too much salt is just not good for you. So to avoid this, I also recommend adding only a little salt to any salad oils you add to your salads.

Can Eat Salad Everyday Cause Diarrhea?

You might ask me this question, “Can eating salad every day cause diarrhea?” Well, the answer is no. But if you eat too many leafy greens every day, it can cause diarrhea.

The reason behind this is because leafy greens are a very healthy vegetable for your body, and you need to make some time for it every day to eat them.

So if you’re eating tons of salads every day and not giving your body enough time to digest them, then it will have a place to go so that something has room to move out of your stomach.

And when something comes out in your stomach, it will come out as a fart so that you can be sure that it isn’t food.

The Bottom Line

So, as you can see, salads are not bad for you but can cause diarrhea when you eat them too much. So I recommend that you eat a salad every once in a while and always make sure to have enough time for your body to digest it.

Remember… Poop is a natural process that your body does, so don’t worry about it because it will eventually happen one day. Just know what might be the reason behind pooping after eating salad and make some adjustments according to that.

If your belly hurts while pooping, do not panic because this is normal if you have an intestinal problem such as constipation.

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