What’s The Healthiest Fast Food Burger: Best 12 Healthiest Burgers

There are plenty of healthy fast food options that you can choose from, but what’s the healthiest fast food burger that stands out among all the rest? From our experience, the cheeseburger is probably your best bet.

But what if you don’t want fries or soda with it? No problem! That’s why we created this post on how to get this burger without the fries or soda.

But does this mean you can eat all the other fast food options without worrying about their healthiness? Not so much.

Some of them are just tasty junk food. We decided to make this post to awaken your mind about what it takes to actually be healthy on a limited budget.

So we decided to list down some healthy fast foods that you can order from the drive-through. If you’re living on a tight budget, then you shouldn’t be eating fast food every day. It’s too expensive and not very good for your health. But there are healthy fast foods out there, and we’ve listed them down in this article for you.

What’s The Healthiest Fast Food Burger?

12 Healthiest Burgers:

1. Veggie Burger

If you’re looking for a burger that has no meat, then the veggie burger will be a good choice. It’s actually much better than the traditional veggie burger because it tastes like a real hamburger.

It is loaded with vegetables and can be served with fries, side salads, or any other side dish. If you still want it to taste like meat, then add some ketchup or mayonnaise on top of it.

What's The Healthiest Fast Food Burger
What’s The Healthiest Fast Food Burger

2. Veggie Burger With Potatoes

If you prefer a veggie burger where you can add some potatoes, then the above potato bun burger will be good for you. It tastes just like the traditional veggie burger, but it has a much better texture than the conventional veggie burgers.

3. Turtle Burger

The above turtle burger is a great choice for vegetarians or for those who want to try other meat-free burgers. The bottom layer is a veggie patty with lettuce, cheese, and other vegetables.

The second layer is an egg that’s cooked to perfection, and the top layer is an outstanding chunky beef patty. It can be served with fries or salad to your liking.

4. Cheeseburger

If you’re looking for something that tastes just like meat, then it’s probably the cheeseburger. It’s got a beef patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. Add ketchup and mayo to your liking.

5. Black Bean Burger

As the name suggests, this black bean burger is made of black beans. It has red peppers and other vegetables mixed in it, but it tastes just like meat because it’s bound to look like a real burger. You can add some guacamole and condiments to your liking as well.

6. Aioli Burger

This is one of the healthiest burgers you’ll ever see because it’s not only made of vegetables, but it’s actually close to no meat or cheese at all.

It’s just a veggie patty with lettuce and tomato. The flavor comes from condiments like ketchup and aioli.

7. Chicken Burger

The chicken burger is very much like the cheeseburger. But instead of beef, it uses chicken. It’s got cheese, lettuce, and tomato. You can order fries with it or side salads, which will make your meal healthier than ever.

8. BBQ Burger

The BBQ burger is made from a beef patty with a lot of BBQ sauce. You’ll love the taste of the juicy and fatty burger.

You can add some bacon and cheese to it if you want a small meaty flavor in your burger, but the main attraction is obviously the BBQ sauce.

9. Burger With Egg

This burger with egg will cost less than $1.00 at McDonalds if you order it without fries or soda. The texture will be similar to that of a scrambled egg, but you can spread some mayo or ketchup on it if you want it to have some meaty flavor.

10. Veggie Burger With Egg

This veggie burger has an egg inside, so it costs more than the above burger, but you’ll get a very tasty meal with cheese and lettuce. The taste is similar to fast-food breakfast sandwiches, except this one doesn’t have bacon.

11. Tofu Burger

The above tofu burger is a delicious way to get protein and eat fast food at the same time. It’s actually better than chicken because it tastes more like real meat.

You can add some condiments on top of it if you want to add some flavors, but this is one of the healthier options out there.

12. Grilled Cheese

It’s probably one of the healthiest options, and it’s much better than eating a burger without any meat at all. You can even add tomatoes and ketchup on top of it if you want to make it more flavorful.

How To Get This Burger Without Fries Or Soda?

Many of us want our favorite burger without the fries or soda because they can be unhealthy and they’re too expensive to order every time. Here’s how to get your favorite burger without fries or soda:

If you want a cheeseburger, then you have to order a royal cheeseburger from McDonald’s, which is the same thing with one small difference: It doesn’t have fries or soda. The price ranges from $1.20 to $1.40 depending on where you are and what time it is.

However, the chances are that you’ll get this burger without fries or soda at most fast-food restaurants (if it’s not on the menu, then just ask for it).

If you want a bacon cheeseburger, then order a bacon cheeseburger from McDonald’s. It costs about $1.50. There’s no cheese in it, but you can add some if you want some flavors in your burger.

Cheeseburger vs Hamburger vs Veggie Burger

While there’s a difference between every kind of burger, you’ll have to consider making a choice between them. Here’s how it goes:


The biggest difference between this and the hamburger is that the cheeseburger costs more. This is because it has a slice of cheese in each burger patty. The taste is also different, but not by much. It has bigger patties that are more juicy and greasy than anything else.


The burger patty is just a beef patty. However, it doesn’t have any cheese. The taste of a regular hamburger is the same as that of any other kind of burger, but it’s slightly different because you won’t have a slice of cheese in each patty. It’s more greasy and tends to be less juicy than the cheeseburger, but not by much.

Veggie Burger

The main difference between this and the hamburger is that the veggie burger cost less. The cooking process is different, so it’s a little bit more fragile than a burger made of beef.

Also, it doesn’t taste as good as a cheeseburger or hamburger. But if you don’t eat meat, then this is your best choice for a veggie burger. A few restaurants serve this kind of burger in their regular orders, but most of them do not.

If you want to enjoy a veggie burger, you’ll have to order it in advance. They will cook it for you and add it to your burger order.

Sometimes the waiter will tell you that there are no veggie burgers on the menu, but they’ll let you order one in advance. This means that they will prepare a special meal just for you because there aren’t many people who like veggie burgers as much as vegans and vegetarians do.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for healthy fast food without fries or soda, then McDonald’s and Burger King are the way to go. However, if you want a burger with cheese and fries, then traditional restaurants like Wendys, KFC, and Burger King are the way to go.

So now that you know how to get burgers without fries or soda in most fast-food restaurants, what will you do with them? Hopefully, they will hit your shopping list because they make good meals that you won’t have to worry about being unhealthy. They taste better than the average burgers, and they’re a lot healthier.

If you’re still unsure what to do with it, you should just enjoy eating it. And if you want to try new healthy fast food ideas, then I hope that this article has helped you.

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