What Fast Food Restaurants Serve Halal Meat: Top 10 Restaurants

Many people have particular dietary needs that they would like to cater to while they dine out. Muslims, for example, may want to know what fast food restaurants serve halal meat in their area or if a fast food chain serves halal meat at all.

This article will provide an overview of the top ten fast food restaurants with a list of the ones that serve halal meat and any additional information about those restaurants.


A “halal” diet adheres to Islamic dietary laws that state that all meats must be slaughtered in a humane manner.

That means, for example, that the animal is killed quickly and cleanly by a sharp knife; no harm should come to the animal even before slaughter.

Pork and food containing pork by-product are also not good in halal food diets as they are forbidden in Islam.

Muslims around the world make up about 23% of the world’s population. This means that there are a lot of Muslims who eat halal food and go to restaurants that serve halal food.

What Fast Food Restaurants Serve Halal Meat?

The following are the top ten fast food restaurants that serve halal meat. The number one spot goes to McDonald’s.

1) McDonald’s

McDonald’s serves halal chicken patties in its European stores, including the U.K., France, Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden.

It does not serve beef or pork in any of its stores and only uses halal chicken in about half of its locations worldwide. The rest of McDonald’s serves pork.

What Fast Food Restaurants Serve Halal Meat
What Fast Food Restaurants Serve Halal Meat

2) Burger King

BK serves halal beef in 90% of its locations worldwide. The remaining 10% are designated for the U.S., some Asian countries, and some countries in Europe.

BK does not sell pork or pork by-products in any of its stores worldwide and only uses halal chicken in about half of its locations overall.

The rest serve chicken slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, but they also serve bacon, hot dogs, and pork by-products.

3) Subway

Subway, which started providing halal products in 1998, has 11 international locations serving halal meat. The U.K., however, is the only country that has stores with halal meat available where 10% of the population is Muslim.

4) KFC

KFC serves halal chicken in 60% of its stores worldwide, and the other 40% serves pork. The only store known to be serving beef is one located in the U.K., but all current KFCs do not serve beef or sell any pork by-products.

5) Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut serves halal meat in 40% of its stores worldwide, and the other 60% serves pork or both halal meat and pork.

6) Taco Bell

Taco Bell serves halal meat in some of its international locations, including India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

The U.S., however, does not have any restaurants with halal meat available. All U.S. Taco Bell stores serve beef and pork products.

7) Burger King

Burger King serves halal meat in about 70% of its locations worldwide. The other 30% serve pork or halal meat and pork.

8) Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza serves halal meat in about 65% of its locations worldwide, and the other 35% serves pork.

The only U.S. Domino’s location known to serve halal meat is located in Dearborn, Michigan and just recently began serving halal products. There are no U.K. or European locations with halal offerings available, but those could change.

9) Wendy’s

Wendy’s serves halal chicken in about 70% of its international locations. The other 30% serve pork. In the U.S., only one location offers halal chicken, but all stores sell both halal chicken and pork by-products.

10) A & W

A & W, a Canadian fast food chain, serves halal chicken in all of its locations. There are no A & W locations in the U.S.. However, there is one in Saudi Arabia and a couple more locations throughout the rest of the world.

How Finding/Ordering Halal Meat In A Fast Food Restaurant Works?

In order to find out if a fast food restaurant serves halal meat or not, look at the menu for the directions to order halal meat. If the directions for orders are not clear, ask a manager or someone who works in the kitchen to assist you.

If ordering halal meat at an individual fast food restaurant, it is important to be specific while ordering to order the halal chicken instead of the chicken with this or that.

This is because anything deemed as food by an Islamic diet must be labeled with words such as “halal,” “sharia,” “Muslims only,” or special symbols such as a crescent moon, star and/or Arabic writing.

The ultimate key to ordering halal meat at a fast food restaurant is to remember that the numbers of items are not what matters. The key is to order the specific item that you can eat without touching any other items.

Tips For Choosing The Best Fast Food  Restaurant Serving Halal Meats

As with everything, there are plenty of tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the best fast food restaurant in your area to order halal meat from. To make sure that the best fast food restaurant is serving halal meat, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1) Trust Your Gut

Don’t ever feel pressured to eat a food item just because someone said it was halal. Use your own judgment as to whether or not you should eat it.

2) Check The Menu

Read the menu carefully. Sometimes menus list under the meat section if something is considered halal or kosher, but you may have to look closely if they do not. You may also have to ask a manager or the cook to find out if something is halal or not.

3) Ask A Manager

Any good manager will be happy to answer questions about menu items, including identifying whether they are halal. If you are in a fast food restaurant and there is no answer at the mainline, try calling on another line.

Also, if you have no luck with the managers on your phone but still need help identifying a specific item, contact the corporate office for help.

4) Ask A Cook

It is not wise to just ask the cook. The cook may simply tell you what he thinks. If you are still confused about the restaurant’s halal offerings, ask a manager instead. If a manager does not know, then he/she can always check with the corporate offices for help.

5) Use Your Smartphone

Like many things in life, there is an app for that. Many restaurants have apps available for download. The app can tell you if the restaurant serves halal meat or not and which items are considered halal.

6) Trust Your Local Islamic Center

If you are ever unsure about the halal status of a fast food restaurant in your area, call your local Islamic center and ask them for their recommendation on which restaurants to eat at.

There may be nearby stores or restaurants that other Muslims visit that you do not know about. If your local Islamic center is not in your area, call the nearest Islamic center and ask them which restaurants are halal.

Some Muslim fast food restaurant chains, such as Coworking Space, will have a special sign out front with the words “halal” or “sharia-compliant.” These signs are used to promote halal offerings at their locations.

What Are The Different Types Of Halal Fast Food?

The term “halal fast food” is used to refer to any type of fast food or restaurant that serves halal-certified food items. Many different types of items can be considered halal, including chicken, beef and seafood. Here are some of these different types of halal fast food:

Halal Style Pizza

This type of pizza is made with halal ingredients. All of the vegetables and spices used in the pizza are halal. This type of pizza is normally found at the same restaurants that sell regular pizzas, such as Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Gourmet Halal Pizza

The term gourmet is used to describe any kind of food item that is not traditionally associated with fast food or fast cuisine. The term gourmet simply means “something considered to be high quality.

Gourmet halal pizza is pizza with a more sophisticated flavor profile than your average fast food pizza. As far as halal fast food goes, gourmet halal pizza is definitely one of the best types of cuisines available.

Halal Pasta

This type of pasta is made with the same ingredients that are used in regular pasta. The only difference between regular pasta and halal pasta is that only halal ingredients can be used to make it.

Halal Hot Dog

The term halal hot dog is used to describe a food item that is made with halal ingredients. Just like regular hot dogs, these are available in all shapes and sizes, from a small corn dog to a giant Montreal Steak Hot Dog.

Unlike regular hot dogs, however, these contain no pork (only beef as opposed to pork) and no pork by-products.

Halal Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich

This sandwich is made up of a small, thin cutlet of chicken that has been breaded and fried until golden brown. The chicken cutlet is typically served on a hamburger bun akin to a traditional schnitzel in Austria.

Halal Chicken Tenders

The term chicken tenders refer to a small strip of deep-fried chicken that is usually cut from the breast or thigh of the bird. These are often served with barbecue sauce or honey mustard.

Halal Chicken Nuggets

This type of halal chicken snack food is made from ground-up meat, which is then shaped into small nuggets and cooked by deep-frying. This is one of the most popular types of halal fast food in the world.

Halal Chicken Wings: These are a type of chicken finger that is made from ground-up chicken meat. Just like with any type of chicken finger, these can be deep-fried or lightly breaded and baked. These are some of the most popular types of halal fast food.

The Bottom Line

Enjoying halal fast food can be a lot of fun. If you are not sure about the halal status of your favorite fast food restaurant, don’t hesitate to call them and ask them.

There are a lot of great benefits from eating halal fast food, including the fact that you can be sure that it is made with only halal ingredients. Enjoy!

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