How To Microwave Frozen Fries: Quick And Easy Tips

There are many advantages to microwave frozen fries over other methods of cooking them. The benefits of microwaving include convenience, speed, and safety.

In addition to the benefits of microwaving, there are also many methods that can be used when cooking frozen fries in a microwave.

How To Microwave Frozen Fries?

Choosing The Right Type Of Frozen Fries

The type of fries that you choose to microwave will depend on your personal preference.

However, if you’re looking for frozen French fries with skin on, try whole potato fries without toppings or seasoning as these items may prevent the microwave from heating the product sufficiently enough to crisp up the skin before it gets too crunchy.

Frozen curly-cut fries also work well in a microwave as they tend not to crumble during cooking and provide a nice golden color when finished.

Preparing The Frozen Fries For Microwave Cooking

Before microwaving frozen fries for the first time, you should follow a few simple steps.

  • First, run under hot water to clean and remove any excess packaging material.
  • Next, pat dry with a paper towel to ensure they’re free of moisture.
  • Finally, separate the fries into an even layer in the microwave-safe dish and cover them with a paper towel to minimize splattering.
Microwave Frozen Fries
Microwave Frozen Fries

Cooking Frozen Fries In The Microwave

Now it’s time to cook your frozen French fries in the microwave. Turn on the microwave and set it on high power for three minutes so that it reaches its maximum heating potential before cooking food in it.

While the microwave is heating, check the fries every 30 seconds to ensure that they’re cooking evenly, and rotate the dish if necessary.

After three minutes, check your fries for doneness and if still not properly cooked, continue microwaving for two-minute intervals until the fries are crispy and hot.

Serving And Enjoying Microwaved Frozen Fries

Once your microwaved frozen fries are fully cooked, remove them from the microwave and enjoy! You can serve them on their own or with a variety of accompaniments such as ketchup, tartar sauce, salsa, or sour cream.


Microwaving frozen potato French fries is an easy and convenient way to cook them without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Now that you know how, you should be able to prepare microwaved frozen French fries quickly, easily,, and with excellent results every time.

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