Juan Pollo Potato Salad Recipe: Best 5 Serving Ideas

Juan Pollo Potato Salad is a classic American side dish that is famous for its distinctive taste and easy preparation. This potato salad also has a creamy touch, making it a perfect summer meal.

Getting ready for your summer BBQ? Then you will definitely want to make Juan Pollo Potato Salad! It’s one of the best dishes to have at any event.

You can whip it up quickly, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining strict calorie intake as well!


Juan Pollo Potato Salad Recipe

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 8 Servings


  • 4 large potatoes
  • Onion 1/2
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • Cream 1 cup
  • Vinegar 2 tbsp
  • Parsley to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste

Step By Step Instructions:

Step-1: Slice potatoes in a thin pattern and place in a bowl.

Step-2: Peel the onions, and cut them into half-inch pieces.

Step-3: Add the crispy fried chicken to the bowl of potatoes.

Step-4: Add mayonnaise, cream, vinegar, parsley, salt, and pepper to the bowls. Mix everything well. Serve with ranch dressing on the side.

Juan Pollo Potato Salad
Juan Pollo Potato Salad

What Salad Dressing Goes Good On Potato Salad?

You can mix this dish with creamy mayo, sour cream, or even a bit of ranch dressing!

Nutrition Facts Per Serving:

Total Fat46g
Saturated Fat6g
Polyunsaturated Fat1g
Monounsaturated Fat26g

How Do You Eat Potato Salad?

The most common way to eat Juan Pollo Potato Salad is to mix it with ranch dressing and serve it on white bread. Other ways to eat this dish include eating it as a side with fried chicken, BBQ chicken, or even fish fry.

Best 5 Serving Ideas For Potato Salad

Serve this potato salad with a dash of ranch dressing on the side. On a hot summer day, serve it with chilled beer and lemonade on the side.

Use small amounts of vinegar to add some zing to the dish. Serve Juan Pollo Potato Salad as a side in your next lunch or brunch party!

You can also use it as appetizers at your parties. You can mix it with diced roasted chicken pieces and serve it over a bed of lettuce.

Best 5 Serving Ideas For Potato Salad:

1. Serve It With Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a classic favorite at most BBQs and parties. You can mix this dish with fried chicken and serve it as a side dish or even as an appetizer for your next party! Serve it with ranch dressing or barbeque sauce, and you are all set!

2. Serve It As A Side With BBQ Chicken:

Since summer is the season of grilling, you can definitely make this Juan Pollo Potato Salad as an option to serve along with other meats.

Simply mix it with ranch dressing on the side, along with corn salad and coleslaw. You can use it to dip your grilled chicken pieces in, to add more flavor to the meat.

3. Serve It As A Side With Fish

You can also use this dish as a side dish with your grilled fish or fried fish. Simply mix it with some mayo and serve it on the side, along with coleslaw.

You can add that zing of vinegar to the plate if you want to and make your Juan Pollo Potato Salad zestier!

4. Serve It As A Side With Shrimp

You can also use this potato salad as a side dish with your grilled shrimp or boiled shrimp. Just add some ranch dressing and lemon juice on the side, and you are all set!

5. Serve It As A Side With Chicken Or Ribs

You can also use this dish as a side dish with your grilled chicken or ribs. To add more flavors to the dish, mix it with a bit of ranch dressing and serve it on a bed of lettuce along with coleslaw.

Best 5 Health Benefits Of Potato Salad

1. Good For Your Digestion

Studies have shown that potatoes are not just delicious but also good for your digestion too! They can help relieve indigestion and stomachache because they are filled with fiber.

According to one study, people who ate boiled potatoes before meals had less pain and discomfort compared to those who skipped them.

2. Good For Your Skin

Potatoes are filled with Vitamin C, which helps maintain healthy skin. They can also reduce the shine on your face and give you shiny, healthy-looking skin!

3. Good For Your Eyes

Potatoes can help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts, fine lines, wrinkles, and tired eyes. Go out at night and eat some Juan Pollo Potato Salad before bedtime, and you’ll see that your eyes are fresher in the morning!

4. Good For Your Heart

Boiled potatoes contain potassium, which is good for your heart. They also contain fiber, Vitamin B6, and B12, which help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol as well.

5. Good For Your Bones

Potatoes are great for your bones because they are filled with Vitamin C, potassium, and protein. Eating boiled potatoes can help strengthen your bones, even if you lead an active lifestyle such as playing sports or working out! So go ahead and make Juan Pollo Potato Salad and show everyone how healthy it really is!

Are Potato Salad Kids Friendly?

Juan Pollo Potato Salad is kid-friendly because it’s not too spicy and has good vegetables, like carrots, peas, and celery.

It’s a salad, so kids can eat it by themselves. You can serve it as an appetizer or even give them some ranch dressing on their own.

How To Make Juan Pollo Potato Salad Healthy?

Cut out the oil from this dish by using olive oil instead of vegetable oil. You can also add spices to make this dish healthier.

To make this dish healthy, serve it with boiled or grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. You can grill the chicken in olive oil, salt, and pepper to add some flavor to the dish.

How To Make Potato Salad Better?

Add celery to the potato salad if you want it to be a bit crunchier. Add just enough apple cider vinegar so that it doesn’t change the flavor of the salad but gives it zing!

What Potatoes Are Best To Eat In A Potato Salad?

Any potatoes that are in season and that you want to use will work for this recipe. You can use yellow or red potatoes for this recipe, depending on what kind of skin you want and whether you want the potato salad to have a creamy texture.

Don’t Use Brown Potatoes In This Recipe!

You should not use brown potatoes in this recipe because they will make it too soggy or watery. You should use white or yellow potatoes instead.

Red potatoes are also good to use, but avoid using them if you do not like vegetables in your potato salad.

What Seasonings Should You Use For This Recipe?

This recipe is simple, so you do not need any extra seasoning to make it more flavorful. You can use some vinegar to give it a little bit of zing and add some salt and pepper. You can also use mayo or ranch dressing as a side if you’d like!

How To Make Potato Salad In Advance?

You can make potato salad in advance, 2 days ahead of time, without any problem. Just make it according to the recipe, store it in the fridge and let it sit for about 6 hours before serving. You can also store this dish for a week in the fridge without any problems.

The Bottom Line

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