So Delicious Gritwurst Recipe

Welcome to the blog post about Gritwurst Recipe! We know you all love to cook, so we’ll start with this one. What is Gritwurst Recipe?

It’s a traditional German-style sausage, seasoned and cooked in the oven or grilled. This recipe will teach you how to make it and what spices to add and what toppings go with it!

Gritwurst Recipe

Prepare Time: 1hr 10min

Cook Time: 15min

Yield: 8-10 servings

Equipment: Blender, Spatula, Large Bowl, and An Electric Mixer.

Recipe Ingredient

  • 500g bread crumbs (i.e., 2 cups)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp paprika (i.e., 6 tsp)
  • 1 tbsp sugar and pepper to taste.

Step By Step Instructions

Step-1: Add all the ingredients together in a large bowl and mix with a rubber spatula until they form a sticky dough that isn’t too wet or dry.

Step-2: Now, get a big bowl, place the dough in it and cover with aluminum foil. Leave for 10 minutes to rise slightly.

Step-3: Take the dough out and knead for about 5 minutes with your hands until it’s smooth and elastic. If it feels dry, add more bread crumbs.

Place the dough in a plastic bag, flatten it out, then place another bag on top of that.

You’re now ready to make your sausage!

Tips For Making Gritwurst

  1. The dough should be very sticky but not too wet (if it is, add more bread crumbs).
  2. Use a rolling pin to enlarge the sausage and make the pieces thinner.
  3. Remove the air from the dough before shaping it into sausages by mixing in a bowl with an electric mixer for 10 minutes until they become soft and elastic.
  4. After making the sausage, knead them for some more time to make the inside soft and fluffy.
  5. Blanch in boiling water for about 3-5 minutes (depending on how firm you want the sausage) and drain.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving


Excellent Source Of: Niacin and Vitamin B12.

Are Gritwurst Good For You?

Gritwurst is a type of German sausage breaded in breadcrumbs and is most often made from ground beef. It is an important part of German cuisine and one that every German chef should know how to make, even if they don’t usually eat it themselves.

While this sausage isn’t the healthiest, it is full of protein and fat that your body needs to function properly. Your body likes carbohydrates, so it will burn them to fuel your body instead of storing them as fat.

Gritwurst Recipe
Gritwurst Recipe

Are Gritwurst Kids Friendly?

While it is possible to enjoy this type of sausage with children, there are certain things you should be aware of, and the chances are you’ll need to make some adjustments.

First, because this kind of sausage is usually fried, the breading usually gets messy and greasy. You can use either a cooking spray or flour for greasing the pan, but for extra cleanliness, try using a non-stick pan.

You also want to ensure that the breading you use is non-allergenic, since adults can have a sensitivity to gluten, and children usually just don’t understand allergens.

Is It Suitable For Diabetic patients?

To check if this type of sausage is suitable for diabetic patients, you must check with your doctor before adding this food to your diet.

When making a recipe, most foods can be made more diabetic-friendly by replacing some of the ingredients high in sugar with others lower in sugar.

However, whether it’s suitable for diabetics depends on what kind of insulin brand you take and how much insulin you take.

Is It Good For Heart Patients?

This sausage is definitely good for heart patients. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, high in protein, and contains all the essential amino acids that you need to develop strong muscle tissue.

You should have no problems with this sausage as long as you don’t have a sensitivity to gluten or other ingredients.

Is It Suitable For A Home Party?

Sure it is! This sausage can be added to your party’s menu without any problems, especially if most of your guests are not diabetic or sensitive to gluten or other ingredients.

It’s low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium and has the same nutritional value as most other sausages.

Have Any Disadvantages To Gritwurst?

If you’re not a sausage fan or want something a little different at your next party, you can make your own version of this German food by grinding up some meat with your grinder.

Since it’s made from meat, it’s high in protein that your body needs to function properly. If you use grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, you’ll have more nutrients added to this sausage than the normal ground meat version.

How To Make Gritwurst More Healthy?

A Few Tips For Adding More Healthy Ingredients:

  1. Replace some of the bread crumbs with corn meal (which is lower in carbs) or brown rice flour (which is gluten-free and higher in fiber, vitamins, and minerals).
  2. Season with your favorite herbs, spices, salt, and pepper instead of sugar and vinegar.
  3. Use a low sodium chicken broth instead of the regular salt-based broth that is usually used for sausage making.
  4. Add some extra veggies like curry leaves, ginger, or garlic to give your sausage more flavor while making it healthier for you too!
  5. Replace the olive oil in the grease with avocado oil, which is high in healthy fats, low in saturated fat, and cholesterol-free.

The Bottom Line

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. We hope that you enjoyed this blog post about Gritwurst Recipe! Share it with your friends and family to help spread the word about gourmet foods. Also, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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