Fast Food VS Frozen Food: Which Is Healthier?

This blog post will discuss fast food VS frozen food, which food variety is healthier and more sustainable.

It will also show a comparison of the caloric value, ingredients, and general nutritional value of each food item.

There have been many studies that compare fast food to frozen foods. There is no difference between the two types of food items in terms of calories or vitamins & minerals from a nutrition standpoint.

However, fast food contains high amounts of sodium, while frozen foods contain less sodium than most other types of prepared meals.

Frozen dinners are much lower in calories compared to the same meal served at restaurant chains like McDonald’s or Burger King, where an individual would have to eat much more than one serving size if they were going for a full meal at those restaurants.

Is Freezer Food Better Than Fast Food?

In many respects, yes. The freezing process will cause a decrease in overall food density, which is likely to reduce the calories consumed per meal.

If you are not eating fast food every day, frozen meals can be cheaper than other options and can fit into any diet plan.

When used in complement to other habits like physical activity or intense workouts, they have shown promise as an effective means of weight loss and improving health outcomes such as lipid metabolism and blood sugar levels.

The process of freezing food also breaks down the fats and cholesterol in the food, which is thought to be the primary reason for all eating patterns. The inclusion of fat in a meal does not increase weight gain, contrary to popular belief.

It is important to note that frozen meals are often very high in sodium, with one serving around 1/4 of a teaspoon less sodium than a fast food meal.

In moderation, consuming too much sodium is unlikely to be harmful, as long as you balance this out with an equivalent amount of potassium (which will help with muscle contractions).  

Fast Food VS Frozen Food
Fast Food VS Frozen Food

Fast Food VS Frozen Food: Which Is Healthier?

The comparison between fast food and frozen food shows that both options are similar in calories, though they differ in terms of sodium content.

There is no nutritional difference between fast food and frozen food. However, the sodium content of frozen foods is much higher than fast food.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, frozen meals are just as healthy as real-world meals but sometimes lack “freshness.”  In other words, eating a frozen meal is about as healthy for you as eating an actual meal at a restaurant, but without the benefit of enjoying the deliciousness of a gourmet meal at your favorite burger joint.

One caveat: Cutting frozen meals into smaller portions can lead to an increase in calories since you are getting a similar portion as you would if you were eating at a sit-down restaurant.

Is Frozen Fast Food Healthy?

Frozen fast food does not have any health benefits over food that traditional fast food chains serve. Both frozen items and fast foods are made from similar ingredients, and the cooking process is very similar.

One major difference between the two is that frozen meals are typically lower in calories than typical fast food meals. This is because the portions of frozen meals are usually larger than their fast food counterparts, so they have more room to cut back on calories without compromising taste or affordability.

You may be able to find some frozen fruit that isn’t processed with a lot of added sugar or other sweeteners but compared to fresh fruits and vegetables; frozen versions only stand out for being much cheaper.

Frozen peas, for example, can be found in the frozen aisle of a grocery store for just a fraction of the price of fresh peas at the farmer’s market.

What Are The Healthiest Frozen Meals?

The following frozen meals are generally believed to be the healthiest of all kinds of frozen food:

  1. Garden vegetable lasagna
  2. Black bean and quinoa burgers
  3. Low-fat burritos
  4. Oven-baked nuggets with the skin removed
  5. Frozen fruit that is not dipped in syrup or honey (we recommend apples and bananas)

The Bottom Line

It is safe to say that fast food VS frozen food is a no-contest when it comes to health benefits. While there are certainly ways you can make frozen foods healthier, they are simply not comparable to the benefits of real, freshly made meals or homemade meals you create using fresh ingredients.

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