The 10 Best Fast Food Midland Tx

Ok, so you are either on the road or in a hurry. Well, here is a list of the ten best Fast Food Midland Tx near you that can help you make an excellent decision for your next takeout.

If you are thinking about going to a new place for lunch or dinner, I recommend that you try one of these places.

These fast-food restaurants are very affordable and offer so many different options, making it difficult to choose. These places have amazing prices, great food, and good customer service.

I hope this list helped you decide where to eat on campus because it’s always a matter of preference once you get there.

10 Best Fast Food Midland Tx

Here is the list of the ten best Fast Food Midland Tx in Midland, Texas, with their essential features.

1. Charleys Cheesesteaks

Fast, Cheap, and Tasty.

Charleys is one of a kind. With its unique cheese steak recipe and the best customer service. But what matters the most is the price!

The food here is very affordable, especially for those people who are always on a budget. The prices are set to just cover costs, so you know the workers at Charley’s aren’t making a big profit (which makes you feel bad for them sometimes).

However, I haven’t had anything on the menu that I wouldn’t eat again/recommend to others. 

The food they serve is fast and cheap. The quality of their food is also above average, and you can always count on them when you are in a hurry. 

What you should order: Cheese Steak, Potato Chips, Soda, or Gatorade Combo

  • Address: 4511 N Midkiff Rd Midland, TX 79705, United States
  • Contact: (432) 689-0899
  • Website:
Fast Food Midland Tx
Fast Food Midland Tx

2. Taqueria Jalisco

Never been to Mexico before? Here is your chance! It’s an authentic Mexican restaurant or taco truck. However, you see it.

This place has the best tacos I have ever had, and believe me, I have tried a lot of tacos from all over Texas (especially Austin).

The price is affordable for students, and so are the ingredients, which are all fresh. You can tell that they put a lot of attention and care into their food. 

What you should order: Hot Taco, Enchilada, or Nachos

  • Address: 4416 Briarwood Ave Ste100 Midland, TX 79707, United States
  • Contact: (432) 699-2195

3. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

I have been to Potbelly Sandwich Shops in multiple states, and my favorite has always been in Midland (outside of the original one).

The sandwiches I’ve had here taste so fresh, and they are so, so delicious. They also have delicious salads like the crab salad, which comes with chicken, and it is amazing.

My only complaint about this place is their service is terrible! Wait times are usually longer than 15-30 minutes here, but it’s a great place to eat.

What you should order: Sandwich, Salad, or Fries

  • Address: 1401 N Loop 250 W, Space C-1, Midland, TX 79707, United States
  • Contact: (432) 704-5500
  • Website:

4. Jimmy’s Egg

This place is great for breakfast. There are so many breakfast sandwiches to choose from I feel like I have a hard time deciding. Their bacon is always fresh, which is why I keep coming back here. 

What you should order: Bacon Egg & Cheese, Banana Pancake Sandwich with Sausage

  • Address: 1910 N Loop 250 W Ste C Midland, TX 79707, United States
  • Contact: (432) 247-5451
  • Website:

5. Chick-Fil-A

If you are in a hurry and have no time to wait in line for fast food, your last hope is Chick Fil A because of its speed and quality of food.

They offer speedy service, so orders come out quickly, which helps when you are hungry and in a hurry. What’s good about this fast food is that their chicken sandwich is one of the best.

What you should order: Chicken Sandwich or Chick-Fil-A Nuggets

  • Address: 25 Village Cir Midland, TX 79701, United States
  • Contact: (432) 687-1282
  • Website:

6. Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr is a burger joint that offers many choices like their Double Stack burgers, Milkshakes, and their famous Cajun Chicken sandwich.

The only downfall about this place is it doesn’t have much seating, so your options are limited to a table inside or at the drive-thru. If they had more seats, I would definitely come here more often.  

What you should order: Surf & Turf, Cajun Chicken Sandwich, Double Stack Burger, or Cajuns Nuggets

  • Address: 5313 Loop 250 Frontage Rd, Midland, TX 79707, United States
  • Contact: +1 432-695-6883
  • Website:

7. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a fast-food burger joint that offers tons of choices. From their sandwiches to their chili and sauce to their ice cream, Wendy’s has a variety of different items you can choose from when it comes to fast food.

This is one of the most popular fast food joints you will come across, so if it’s on the way you’re going and you are hungry, this place is worth stopping at.

Anywhere I’ve been to Midland, I get invited back for free bags of popcorn every time I eat here! 

What you should order: Baconator, Frosty, or Chili Cheese Burger

  • Address: 4412 W Loop 250 N, Midland, TX 79707, United States
  • Contact: +1 432-219-3453
  • Website:

8. Jack In The Box

You know a fast food restaurant is good when it’s open round-the-clock. Jack in the box is a great place to go if you are craving something salty and unhealthy.

They also have great breakfast items, and their burgers are legendary for sure. However, I would recommend that you avoid the chicken tenders here because they have so much batter on them that it becomes hard to chew, even for me with my strong teeth :p  

What you should order: Breakfast Jack or Jumbo Jack (it’s different from their regular 2x menu) with Bacon & Egg

  • Address: 5205 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79707, United States
  • Contact: +1 432-694-0500

9. McDonald’s

This is the one place where you can get anything you could possibly think of. This is the only fast food place that offers a variety of non-food items like pillows, furniture, and even cleaning supplies.

This restaurant is also known for its desserts and fries. It is so popular that it has a cult following online, with people dressing up as their mascot and doing crazy things like proposing to their girlfriends/boyfriends.  

What you should order: Egg McMuffin or Scrambled Eggs

  • Address: 3310 W Loop 250 N, Midland, TX 79707, United States
  • Contact: +1 432-699-0768
  • Website:

10. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic is a drive-in that offers freshly made fast food. Their best menu items are Chili Cheese Fries, Chili Cheese Tots, and hamburgers.

You can get an order of food in 5 minutes if you place it at the speaker and pay inside. Perfect for those who are in a rush and want something quick.

  • Address: 2104 N Big Spring St, Midland, TX 79705, United States
  • Contact: +1 432-683-2552
  • Website:


These were 10 of the best food options you can find in Midland. I hope you found this list useful, so please leave me a comment or anything!

It would be cool to hear why you like or dislike these restaurants or if you think they should be included or not. Thanks!

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