Famous Fast Food In India: Most 20 Popular Fast Food Chains

Famous fast food in India is Indian fast food items, which are quite popular in India. It is one of India’s most common, diversified and cooked types of cuisines.

Indian cuisine is extremely diverse due to the great influence of other cultures on it. Indian cuisine has a different taste and varies based on the style of food. Some of them are the West coast, South Indian, North Indian, and East Coast.


History Of Fast Food In India

Indian Fast foods are originated from street foods that were very popular in ancient India. The concept of fast food was introduced to Indians by British traders who opened cafes serving Indian-style baked goods with tea.

The term ‘fast food’ was coined by an American company called ‘McDonald’s.’ The first-ever McDonald’s outlet was opened in Kolkata in 1996.

Famous Fast Food In India

Here are the top 20 fastest food chains in India:

1)Domino’s Pizza

Portuguese-style pizza and pastries with thin crust and crispy texture. The best-selling products of dominos pizza include cheesy bites, chicken bites deals, and dominoes specialty.

Famous Fast Food In India
Famous Fast Food In India

2) Barbeque Nation

Good quality BBQ foods and authentic charcoal grill are the highlights that give it a special identity. It has just one outlet located in Bangalore but recently launched many new outlets all over India.

3) McDonald’s

Famous fast food chain especially loved by the people of India.

4) Subway

Fast and healthy foods are one of the significant features of the subway. It has around 2700 outlets in India, opening in over 2000 cities in India.

5) Burger King

Some quick hot meals like burgers, fries, wraps, desserts, and soft drinks are offered in the outlets.

6) Coffee Day

It is a fast-food chain that provides a safe and hygienic outlet for people to eat burgers, biryani, and other above-mentioned soft drinks.

7) Starbucks

It is a fast-food chain that has around 2000 outlets in India. It was opened in 2008 after it was introduced in America.

8) Pizza Hut

In this fast food chain, customers can enjoy spicy Italian pizzas and options of sub sandwiches like burgers and wraps.

9) KFC

Famous American fast food chain with a famous menu such as chicken, drinks, and vadas.

10) Dominos

It is a fast food brand. Dominos Pizza has stores all over India, with around 3000 outlets in India.

11) Pizza Inn

Brand new pizza restaurants are providing gourmet pizza, pasta, and sandwiches at reasonable prices.

12) Sizzlers

With 6 locations all over India, this is one of the fast food chains in which customers can have varieties of Filipino-style pasta, salads, and burgers.

13) Cafe Coffee Day

It is a coffee shop which has over 500 outlets in India.

14) TGIF

An American fast food chain provides delicious fish and chips, burgers, and coolers.

15) Papa Johns

This American pizza company has popular specialty pizzas like cheese sticks, all u can eat pizza, etc.

16) Dunkin Donuts

It is a coffee shop that provides donuts, sandwiches, bagels, and other above-mentioned items.

17) Harry’s Bar

It is a popular Italian restaurant chain with a special menu featuring many Indian and international dishes.

18) The Coffee Club

It is a coffee shop that provides hot, cold, and ice beverages, sandwiches, and salads.

19) Timberyard

A fast-food restaurant chain with a wide variety of foods, including non-vegetarian items like burgers, sandwiches, and pasta.

20) Swati Snacks

The fast-food chain provides a variety of snacks to the customers.

What Is The Biggest Fast Food Chain In India?

McDonald’s is India’s biggest fast food chain, followed by Domino’s Pizza. It has 20,000 outlets across the country, and around 7,000 of these are in Mumbai alone. Big pizzas with a lot of toppings are one of the most popular menu items at McDonald’s.

Street Famous Fast Food In India

Nowadays, “street food” is being eaten by many people due to its affordability and availability all over our cities. These are the most common street foods in India:

1. Vada Pav

A spicy deep-fried potato patty served in bread buns with added green chutney and a chili sauce, which is the most popular street food in India.

2. Samosa

A deep-fried pastry stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes, boiled peas, and onions for a tangy taste.

3. Chole Bhature

Two puri buns covered in crispy bread layer are served with chickpeas curry and white butter on top of it.

4. Pani Puri

Bhatura bread is filled with water and tamarind chutney to make this street food specialty item.

5. Idli

Idli is a type of South Indian savory rice ball. It is commonly consumed as a breakfast item during festivals too.

6. Dosa

A crispy layered pancake made from rice and lentil batter is the most popular street food in India.

7. Suchi

This traditional street food consists of fried chickpeas dipped in spicy coconut sauce topped with tamarind chutney and mint chutney for a sweet and sour taste.

8. Gol Gappa

A bowl-shaped puffed pastry with pre-mix sauce, fillings, and sweet or spicy water is the main ingredient of this street food.

9. Bhel Puri

Puffed rice and sev (a type of Indian savory snack) mixture topped with chopped onions, potato, tomatoes, and tamarind chutney is India’s most popular street food.

10. Pav Bhaji

This vegetarian fast food item has a combination of sauteed vegetables served on buttery toasted buns smeared with butter & ketchup/tomato sauce. It is available as a fast service street food in India.

11. Aloo Tikki

A spicy mashed potato patty is a combination of spices served in bread buns with green chutney and a chili sauce.

12. Batata Vada

Spicy fried potato balls served in bread buns with green chutney, and chili sauce are India’s most popular street food.

13: Chicken Manchurian

This Chinese dish has been included as one of India’s most popular street foods. The main ingredients are chicken marinated in sauces and deep-fried, tossed with sweet potato noodles, onion slices, bell peppers, and carrot slices covered with delicious brown gravy.

14: Kebabs

Famous kebabs are one of the most popular street foods in India. They are found easily everywhere. They are made by stuffing pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables with seasonings and spices and then grilled over a fire.

15: Egg Roll

The egg roll is one of the fast food items in India which is served with a spicy sauce or chutney. The egg roll is rolled out with cabbage, carrot, and onion and then stuffed with chicken or vegetables. These dishes are very fun to eat because they taste so good.

The Bottom Line

Indian fast food is famous all over the world. Just eat it and give a try to these popular fast food items in India to experience the taste of Indian fast food.

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