Best Fast Food In Germany: Popular 10 Fast Foods In Germany

It’s not possible to make a list of popular fast foods that contain just one food brand. If you ask people what is the best fast food in Germany they will answer; McDonald’s or Subway.

But that means it doesn’t mean that when you find these two brands on the top of a list, they are the most popular fast foods in Germany.

There is no such list that includes just one food brand because the competition between fast food restaurants is too high.

Moreover, there are thousands of fast food restaurants in Germany, and many of them offer the same products. For instance, a fast food restaurant in Germany offers hamburgers, french fries, and Coke or Pepsi.

On the other hand, there are a lot of different foods that different restaurants offer, but they have their own names, so it is hard to say which one has the best “hamburgers.”

But there is one way to tell which fast food does Germans like the most. And it isn’t this way that Germans are the best at working with numbers, which means that all the calculations about the success of a certain brand can be done very fast.

Selling more than a million per year, McDonald’s is definitely one of Germany’s most popular fast foods. It serves hamburgers, hot dogs and some kinds of salads.

Best Fast Food In Germany
Best Fast Food In Germany

What Is The Best Fast Food In Germany?

It’s difficult to say what is the most popular fast food in Germany. In addition, there are about 2.5 million people who live here with a Turkish background, so it’s not surprising that you’ll find Turkish foods all over the country.

In Germany, fast food is very popular. In fact, almost every city has a McDonald’s or Burger King. Some cities have several as well. So popularity must mean something, right?

According to the Food & Beverage Law, the most popular fast food in Germany according to the Food & Beverage Law [according to the official websites of the federal government and all states] is Turkish cuisine.

The second place goes to American cuisine, which should not surprise you. But the third place goes to Korean cuisines!

These are the top 10 most popular and most liked (recently) fast foods amongst Germans:

1. Pizza From Dominos

Pizza is considered to be the most popular fast food in Germany. In fact, Dominos’ website reads: “We are the largest pizza seller and manufacturer in Germany.” Germans love pizza, especially with toppings and side dishes.

It seems that fast-food is much more popular with men than with women.

2. Turkish Food

Turkish food has been reviewed as fast food in almost every newspaper or magazine out there, and that makes Turkish cuisine the most popular fast food in Germany.

There are various kinds of foods available at some Turkish restaurants: meat-free foods (vegetarian), rice&meat dishes, and meat dishes (served with rice).

3. American Food

American cuisine is easy to find in every city of Germany. You can find McDonald’s and Burger King everywhere.

However, as far as we know, the most popular fast food in America is chicken-fried steak which is also a popular food in Germany. So Americans would like to eat American fast food too!

4. Burger & Salad

The typical German meal without meat is usually a burger or a salad with fries, although some Germans like to add mayonnaise on top of their burgers (like in some restaurants).

Some people also prefer vegetarian-style burgers, such as Tofu burgers, made from soybeans and hints of smoky flavor.

5. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are like the most popular fast food in Germany with bread, mustard, and a pickle. In fact, many Germans think that hot dogs are not just fast food, but also traditional German foods like sausages and beefsteak. However, the most popular sausage in Germany is bratwurst!

6. Turkish Döner

It’s true that this fast food has become very popular in Germany in recent years. However, it’s just not easy to find Turkish döner shops in every city of Germany, whereas you can easily find pizza or burger shops/restaurants everywhere.

7. German Sausages

While the most popular fast food in Germany is hamburgers, German sausages (Bratwurst and Frankfurter) are considered to be the most popular fast food in Germany.

8. “Italienisch”

“Italienisch” is another very popular fast food in Germany. It’s a combination of “Italiano” (romantic Italian cuisine from Sicily) and the Austrian “Austrian potato salad.” So it’s certainly not traditional German cuisine, but it still is fast food for many Germans.

9. Japanese Food

Japanese foods are very well-known in Japan, so you can find sushi shops all over Japan. In Germany, sushi is also very popular.

Japanese cuisine was first introduced in West Germany in the early 80s, and many people like to eat Japanese foods in restaurants.

10. Greek Food

Greece is a country full of both ancient and modern civilizations. Apart from pizza, it’s not easy to find Greek cuisines as fast food here in Germany, but many Germans love Greek foods too!

Do Germans Eat A Lot Of Fast Food?

Yes, Germans eat a lot of fast foods. In fact, they consume the most fast food per capita. Some people blame it on the busy lifestyle.

The other reason is that fast food is very convenient if you’re in a hurry or on a budget, and also because there are so many fast food restaurants in German cities and businessmen often eat there for lunch. But it’s no surprise that many people don’t want to eat at just one place.

An interesting point: A study by Euromonitor shows us that Americans eat the most fast food per capita (almost 17 times more than Bangladeshis), whereas Germans consume the fourth-most amount of fast foods (almost 22 times more than Bangladeshis).

So the next time you’re in Germany, try to look for fast foods that interest you and give yourself a chance to taste something “different” from the traditional German foods.

But if you want to eat traditional German foods, you should know that there are many different kinds of sausages in Germany. You may have heard of bratwurst and frankfurter sausages – they are very popular here in Germany as well, but they’re not considered traditional German foods.

Döner is the most popular fast food in Germany nowadays (although Italian pizza is also becoming very popular). Some people like to eat their döner restaurants with Turkish bread, French fries, and salad (like falafel) as a starter.

However, every city in Germany has its own special döner that’s more popular than the one in other cities. For example, you can find Turkish döner in Bremen and Leipzig, two cities with very different histories and cultures.

There are many Turkish people living in Bremen, so the city has many Turkish restaurants that prepare a special kind of döner called “Bremen döner,” and it’s really delicious.

The Bottom Line

The best fast foods in Germany are Pizza, Turkish döner, hot dogs (also part of traditional German food), and American fast food, the most popular fast food in Germany.

Dominos is the most popular pizza restaurant, Turkish döner, big mac, and chicken nuggets are very popular as well. Can’t wait to try them? Head to Germany soon!

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