Best 10 Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

Baby shark party food ideas are fun and delicious. These are 10 must-try ideas for party menu items, from food to decorations.

Most of the recipes require few ingredients and only a few minutes in your blender or oven. The best part is they look delicious, some even resembling the character they are based on!


Best 10 Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

1. Shark Bites

Mix peanut butter, sugar, and red food coloring together in a bowl. Cut marshmallows into different shark shapes, or just use a knife to form the mounds of peanut butter on a plate or cookie sheet.

Make sure to put enough away from each other so that you can get bite marks when you take them off. Add 2 white almond slices for the eyes and if you like, add a small number of chocolate chips to top the “bite” areas.

Place in refrigerator until hardened. It is best to make these in advance because they will melt quickly out of the fridge, especially in warm weather.

2. Shark Eye Punch

Fill drink cups with Hawaiian punch and ice cubes. Make shark eyes out of red food coloring and a toothpick. Place punch on a flat surface. Place a toothpick through the eye and garnish with the candy corn stems.

3. Shark Fongers

Mix vanilla ice cream, whipped topping, and dry chocolate cake crumbs in a bowl until evenly distributed. Eventually, it will be firm enough to form into fingers or fongs.

Coat with white chocolate sheeting and place on wax paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze until just firm enough to handle, but don’t let it freeze completely as you will have trouble handling them when they are frozen solid. Once frozen, use a knife to make a shark bite mark down the center.

Baby Shark Party Food Ideas
Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

4. Shark Fruit Cones

Cut out the middle part of an orange slice and discard. Slice up the inside of an orange slice in long 2-3 inch pieces (depending on how small your cones will be). Then take skewers and make your cone shape with orange slices around the stick.

It is easiest to dip your skewer in water first so that it sticks better to the orange pieces on the cone. You can also add cherry tomatoes for your eyes if you like!

5. Shark Faces Using Bananas

Cut fresh bananas into 1/2 inch slices, then push toothpicks into both ends. Flatten the banana slices with a mallet or rolling pin until they are desired thickness (about 1/2 inch).

Place toothpicks in kebab sticks and skewer on sticks. Make your shark faces using white almond slices as eyes. Using mini chocolate chips to make the “mouth” is also fun.

6. Shark Fries

Take one medium-sized potato and cut it into french fry shapes with a mini cookie cutter (or just use a knife if that is what you have). 

Take the potato pieces and put them in peanut oil for about 6-10 minutes, depending on how crispy you like them. Remove from oil and press flat on paper towel-lined plates to dry.

7. Popcorn Bags

Fill brown lunch bags with 1 cup of popcorn and add any other treats that you would like. We added coconut fish and banana chips!

8. Shark Cupcakes

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and place in muffin pans to make the shark fins.  Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes, rotating halfway. Let cool before removing from muffin tins.

Add eyes using black and orange sprinkles on white chocolate sheeting for teeth (and eye teeth). Also, shape peanut butter into an oval for the nose.

9. Shark Fin Appetizers

Cut a kiwi into small 1/4 inch slices to make the shark fin shape. Cut strawberry slices into chunks and mix them together in a bowl with whipped topping.

Serve on crackers that have been cut into triangles and garnish with orange pieces for eyes, white chocolate sheeting, and candy corn stems.

10. Shark Cake

Mix all ingredients in an electric mixer until well blended or add to a large ziplock bag and marinate overnight (in the fridge). Flatten thin using a rolling pin before cooking on a hot grill, boiling over a stove-top, or broiling in an oven.

Once cooked throughly, cut out fins using a shark fin shape cookie cutter or just use a knife. Serve with whipped topping and fruit garnish if you like!

The Bottom Line

When hosting a Baby Shark Party, the most important thing is to get into the character’s mindset, which is why having these tasty food ideas available will make guests feel like they’re in Shark Attack! Make sure your baby shark party goes swimmingly with these fun appetizers!

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